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6 Rules to set a Fitness Resolution

2016 has begun and as usual you would have chalked out your resolutions for the year. Though how often have these resolution planning processes resulted in actual gains ? Since, BFP is a health and fitness blog, we’ll stick to planning out fitness goals and focus on points that need to be worked on rather than carving out superficial goals which eventually come down crashing.   As your fitness trainer I’m going to help you with ways to plan out these goals and help you take up whatever form of exercise you......

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Day 23 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 23 is here! Day 23, which also turns out to be the final day of your Fitness Challenge is finally here. The past 22 Days has been a mix of strength,speed,stamina and endurance along with a focus on core stability. You have been persistent through the challenge and what makes this all the more worth it is the effort put in by so many of you to try it out and keep pushing your barriers every single day. So without any further delays, here’s your routine for Day 23.     Day......

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Day 17 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Welcome to Day 17 of the 23 Day Fitness Challenge ! Day 17 of the Fitness Challenge brings you closer to our animal instincts. Takes you back to the times when human movement wasn’t the way it was. This will only add more functionality and flexibility in the way you move. Movement is EVERYTHING. Today you’ll learn what a combination of moves can do to your fitness levels and movement patterns in general. Bring out the animal instinct within you.   Equipment required – Yoga mat and Running Shoes. Perform the routine below......

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