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From a distant dream to reality. The idea behind starting Bombay Fitness Project was to help people understand their body and mind better. You can visit BFP to find solutions to the avalanche of questions you may have with regards to Exercise,Recovery,Food, Reviews (Food, Active wear and Fitness Tech) and Mindset (Psychology and Motivation). The idea is to try and help educate you to what really matters and what really needs to be inculcated to build a happy and healthy lifestyle.

“Excellence never stops, Success is evolutionary”.

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It’s been about 4 years now since I’ve started my journey into being a fitness coach. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and train the most amazing set of people I could have wished for. But there was something more I wanted to do to contribute towards the fitness industry in India. Now, what better than helping out your own people with the flow of information related to the various aspects that promote healthy living especially the idea of “movement” and making the most of the food available in our beautiful country.