Day 19 and 20 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 19 and 20 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 19 & 20 !

Day 19 of the 23 Day Fitness challenge is the last one for the 3rd week. Let’s work on core strengthening !

Day 19: Core Strengthening


  • Perform the routine below in a linear manner. Each exercise should be performed for 1 minute.
  • Do not worry if you can’t complete the minute. Do your best !
  • Your rest between changing exercises should only last 30 seconds.
  • Take a break for 2 minutes after completing an entire round (Set). Try and complete 8 Rounds (Sets) of the routine.
  • Do NOT compromise on your form and technique. Please watch the videos carefully before attempting the routine.

Please Note: Day 20 is your day off. Rest it out on Day 20 especially if it’s a Sunday and treat yourself with a swim or a massage. It will help you recover and get ready for the coming week.

Equipment Required: A Yoga mat

1 minute Walk Outs (watch video)

1 minute Bird Dogs (watch video)

1 minute Low Plank (watch video)

1 minute Side Plank (watch video)

1 minute Scissors Kicks (watch video)

1 minute Spiderman (watch video)

1 minute High Plank (watch video)

1 minute Plank Row (watch video)

1 minute Hip Bridges (watch video)

1 minute Plank Saw (watch video)

 There is no better way to build phenomenal core strength by engaging your muscles while you are going through your routine. Make Core Strengthening an integral part of your own training schedule and reap the many health benefits of it.

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Ryan 🙂


Ryan is a freelance certified personal trainer by profession and a fitness writer.

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