Day 14 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 14 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

The 23 Day Fitness Challenge has now entered Day 14

Day 14 of the 23 Day Fitness Challenge is all about recovery and preparation for the third week of this challenge. Have fun with this one and don’t forget to take your music along.

Day 14: Keep Running !

Equipment Required: None

Warm Up: Light Jog or Spot Jog for 5 Minutes

  • Day14 of the Fitness Challenge is all about your recovery from the week that just passed by. The best way to do it is to utilise it with some active rest. Your activity for today’s active rest would be a 8 kilometre run.
  • Do not be intimidated by the distance if you have never done it. Take your time and complete the distance. The time taken to complete your 8 kilometres does not matter. Only the distance does. Remember this is a challenge and would need to push your boundaries without giving in.
  • You can take walking breaks in between if you can’t jog out the distance but make sure these walks are brisk.
  • It is also acceptable to brisk walk the entire distance in case you have a knee injury.
  • Map your run on your phone so that you are aware of the distance completed.
  • Music will surely help in case you need it. Make a playlist that will motivate you to conquer this challenge.

NEW Cool Down: Stretch! (DO NOT SKIP THIS) (watch video)

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