Day 1 – 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Day 1 - 23 Day Fitness Challenge

Welcome to Day 1 of the 23 Day Fitness Challenge !

Ending 2015 on high is something we all look up to but this time it’s only to build some momentum before we usher in 2016. Before I brief you with your routine for Day 1. I just want you to focus on a few key pointers before you start this challenge.

The 23 Day Fitness Challenge will have a routine mixed with building strength, cardio and your overall flexibility. All that you need to do is show up by visiting the blog at 10 A.M. IST and read up on your challenge for that day. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t complete the routine or if you struggled through it. Embrace the struggle and grow into it gradually. I’m starting this challenge to help you embrace the struggle by pushing your physical and mental barriers.

Here you go !

Day 1: Let’s build a good foundation

Equipment Required: None

Warm Up: Light Jog or Spot Jog for 5 Minutes

Perform the routine below in a linear manner. Your rest between changing exercises should not exceed 30 seconds. Take a break for 1-2 minutes after completing a round (Set). Try and complete 5 Rounds (Sets) of the routine.

10 Hip Bridges (watch video)

10 Push Ups (watch video)

10 Squats (watch video)

10 Bird Dogs (watch video)

10 Jump Squats (watch video)

10 Mountain Climbers (watch video)

10 Burpees (watch video)

10 Overhead Lunges on each leg (watch video)

10 Supermans (watch video)

1 Minute Plank (watch video)

Cool Down: Stretch it out ! (DO NOT SKIP THIS) (watch video)


Please get in touch with me via email if you have any doubts on the routine.

You can mail me on – [email protected]

All the best for Day 1 !

I’ll see you tomorrow at 10 A.M for your next routine.


Ryan 🙂



Ryan is a freelance certified personal trainer by profession and a fitness writer.

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