What is Bombay Fitness Project ?

What is Bombay Fitness Project ?



BFPAfter months of planning and preparation, I humbly bring to your screen, Bombay Fitness Project. An Indian Fitness and Lifestyle blog. Now to begin with, I don’t want to claim to be India’s first blog on fitness cause I’m not. Neither do I want to claim to be the best in the area of fitness and well being cause I’m not… yet 😉 (On my quest to being one of the best though).



The idea behind starting Bombay Fitness Project was to help people understand their body and mind better. I want to try and help educate you to what really matters and what really needs to be inculcated to build a happy and healthy lifestyle.



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I’m Ryan Pereira, A certified personal trainer by profession. It’s been about 4 years now since I’ve started my journey into being a fitness coach. I’ve had the opportunity to meet and train the most amazing set of people I could have wished for. But there was something more I wanted to do to contribute towards the fitness industry in India. Now, what better than helping out your own people with the flow of information related to the various aspects that promote healthy living especially the idea of “movement” and making the most of the food available in our beautiful country.

Through this blog, I want to highlight and share information that could help you with your needs on Exercise,Food (Nutrition),Recovery and Mindset (Motivation). All the topics mentioned above are something that I believe constitute in helping you to live an active and a happy lifestyle. In the current scenario where time is money, making time for yourself seems to have taken a backseat and this is where the blog comes in to place. To keep you informed on how you could prioritise the same.

The idea is not to preach cause you don’t need someone like me or anyone to do so. It’s the flow of information that would lead to the many people understanding the “needs” and not “wants” of your body and mind.

I, myself have been a follower/subscriber of several blogs related to fitness and well being but none of them that I found are specific to the Indian audience (could be debatable) . The reason why I say so is cause our genetics are different to those from the West, our food habits are different and so is our climate. Hence, I’m going to try and focus on what’s available in our very own country (Food) and blend that with the best in Exercise from almost any and every aspect that promotes movement.


What can I expect from Bombay Fitness Project ?

Bombay Fitness (BFP) is YOUR blog ! I’ll just be the source to lay out information on the topics of Exercise,Food (Nutrition),Recovery and Mindset (Motivation).

Having said that, I need you to “help me, help you”. I want this blog to benefit you in every possible way it can, for you to live a healthy and happy lifestyle.

It doesn’t matter if you’re extremely fit or even battling obesity or depression. There is something for everyone in this blog.

Exercise (Movement)

So whether its Strength training,Cardio,Plyometrics,Yoga,Pilates or even playing a sport. There will be something for everyone and you could also see how much more you can add to your routine to make it even more interesting and fun. Movement is the key !

Recovery (Rest)

I will be focusing on the most ignored part of our training and yes, I’ve plead guilty to missing out on the same in the past myself. Recovery is as important as almost any of the aspects mentioned above. Helping you with methods or means for the same would only better your performance, help and promote blood flow and most importantly understand your body better.

Food (Nutrition)

We’ll be talking about food as I like to call it. India has a tropical climate and our land is truly blessed with the best of fruits,vegetables,pulses,dairy and meat. I will have extensive discussions on grocery lists and sources of getting your nutrition whether you’re a vegetarian, non-vegetarian, vegan or an egNon-vegetarianInformationg-etarian (as they call themselves). Whether it’s your daily intake or queries on snacking and cheat meals, everything and anything that I could help you with. It’s always about the balance, remember that !

Mindset (Motivation)

As cliché as it sounds we all need motivation. But having said that, it doesn’t mean it gets things done. Motivation gets you going. Discipline,commitment and strong habits are generally associated to getting things done. Mindset would help you with building goals, talking about body image/body shaming and staying true to yourself, whilst, keeping you on track. I’m also going to try and share pictures and videos of people who could help you to push yourself when you need that extra push.


Over a period of time you will find reviews on food,fitness tech and active wear from a varied range of restaurants and brands that are available for consumption in and around.


We need your feedback and criticism !

Bombay Fitness Project will only thrive on your feedback and criticism and I encourage you to help me with both through this journey. Please feel free to contact me via my contact page or email me on [email protected] with all your suggestions,feedback and critique at any given time. I will do my best with responding back and having a solution for the same in place.

Thank you so much for your patience and support and I look forward to walk the good and the bad times with you through BFP.

See you soon





Ryan is a freelance certified personal trainer by profession and a fitness writer.

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  1. What abou the people in delhi?!! 😉

  2. So well written 🙂

  3. Well said …..many Indians following foreigners diet plans ….it will not suit them

  4. Names it’s as indianfitness blog…post more blogs brother

    • Hi Karthick,

      Thank you so much for the appreciation. Will be posting much more in the coming weeks. As far as the name goes, it has little relevance with what I’m trying to do out here. Trust me, it’s just a name. It is an Indian Fitness blog. Bombay is more like a part of who I am 🙂

  5. This is just what so many of us out there need – a whiff of simplicity! Something that takes away overwhelm, inhibition and therefore, doubts. Thank you Ryan for taking us #backtobasics! Looking forward to getting educated about “what really matters” 🙂

    Congratulations and good luck with your initiative.

    Ps: Lovely name & logo! Great job on your website, requesting everyone to take a look, in case you haven’t!

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